About ACIS

Mission Statement

To represent the interests of Community Interpreters and to develop, promote and safeguard high professional standards in the field of Community Interpreting.

Association Aims

Supporting Community Interpreters

  1. The Association aims to represent interests of its members – primarily Community Interpreters – by bringing awareness to service providers of the importance of using qualified community interpreters and paying fair rates as well as promoting better working conditions.
  2. As an Association we will promote continuous professional development by organising regular training in areas of interest to our members.
  3. Training will be available for free to full members only.
  4. Create a Directory of Community Interpreters on our website where Service Providers can choose a qualified and vetted interpreter.
  5. Through our website and LinkedIn page we will create a social network for interpreters to meet and share experiences, for learning and further training.

Association Objectives

Safeguarding Standards in Community Interpreting

  1. To promote and maintain high professional standards among community interpreters.
  2. To support and safeguard standards for certification of community interpreters.
  3. To deliver continuous professional development.
  4. To provide advice, guidance and support to our members as well as liaise with members of other professions for the benefit of our members.
  5. To provide support for our members via a monthly Supervision Group.
  6. To advocate for and advise in policy development applicable to community interpreting.
  7. To lobby for legislative recognition for minimum rates of pay.

Full Membership

Promoting Standards

  1. By becoming a full member you will abide by our Code of Conduct.
  2. By becoming a full member you will maintain a continuous professional development record.
  3. By becoming a full member you will maintain and advocate for high professional standards among community interpreters.

Association Structure

The teams responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association – we work to identify and fulfil the needs of our members and the wider affiliate and subscriber community.

Helena el Masri, Founder & Association CEO

Responsible for the overall association vision, mission, communications and growth strategy. She is a DPSI-qualified interpreter with 20 years interpreting and training experience.

Admissions & Complaints Committee

Responsible for all renewals, membership interviews and applications to join ACIS. The Committee also adjudicates on any member complaints received.

Membership & Digital Services Officer

Responsible for membership retention, working to improve the member experience and provide quality events, webinars, resources and training opportunities.

Customer Services Officer

Responsible for the management of all general daily member and candidate enquiries, providing excellent customer service.

Email: info@acis-uk.org