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Supervision Sessions for ACIS Members

Supervision is a specialised form of professional mentoring provided for interpreters responsible for undertaking challenging work with people. 

Supervision is provided to: ensure standards; enhance quality and creativity; and enable the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken.

Supervision Sessions will create a free, non-judgmental space to think about our work, share experiences and offers an opportunity for transformative learning. 

It is recognised and widely accepted that interpreters in mental health contexts can be left emotionally disturbed and impacted negatively by the work they do. This happens when dealing with other traumatic settings too.

Supervision of Interpreters provided by ACIS will follow a model with three functions: reparative, reflexive and responsive – the 3 Rs.

More information will be sent to those who wish to take part. However, please note that supervision is not a counseling session.

Join the list by emailing us:

In the subject line please add: Supervision Sessions​

The new Supervision Group will start in July.

Groups will be small and offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Counseling Sessions for ACIS Members

Petra Cooklandova DPSI Law; MBACP

Qualified Counselling Therapist and DPSI qualified Interpreter 

An assessment session (@30min approx) will be offered free of charge.

Counselling sessions will be offered in blocks of 6 sessions currently @ £20 per session, each paid individually but before the commencement of each session. Unused sessions will be refunded. 

Sessions can be held over the telephone or video session. Sessions will usually last 50mins and will be fully confidential. A contract will be discussed with each client individually and a signed contract (confidentiality & GDPR) will be required.

Details will be sent to each individual who wishes to take advantage of these paid sessions. 

​Please email:

In the subject line please add: ACIS